Living Mirage - The Head and the Heart

Living Mirage

The Head and the Heart

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2019-03-14
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 11

  • ℗ 2019 Warner Records Inc.


Play Title Time Download
See You Through My Eyes 3:54  
Missed Connection 3:15  
People Need a Melody 4:12  
Honeybee 3:16  
Brenda 3:48  
Running Through Hell 3:39  
Up Against the Wall 3:33  
Saving Grace 3:38  
I Found Out 3:53  
Living Mirage 5:14  
Glory of Music 3:20  


  • Mind blowing record!

    By Jtranv
    I’ve been a huge Head and the Heart fan since day one and have loved every evolution of this band! This record was a huge step for them, and I cannot get enough. The overarching theme of positivity and love in this record is exactly what the world needs right now! Cannot wait to catch them on the road
  • What Signs of Light should have been

    By KoscMart
    I love these guys and the 1st albums are fun. Signs of light had one song I really liked and the rest felt like filler. This is the album I expected out of the last. Well done, your group has evolved musically and I’m a fan again. 👏
  • Josiah is sorely missed here...

    By AB Cliff
    I believe this is the first and only THATH record that Josiah did not contribute to. Some magic is definitely missing as a result. Bummer.
  • Fantastic album! (Fan from the beginning.)

    By MTmusicFan
    IMHO this is their best album. I've been a fan from the beginning and I don't knock a band for being well produced. It seems rare these days to find an album that you can play from beginning to end and not want to skip bad tracks. This is one of those albums. I love it! And the beauty of it all is that I can enjoy "Down In The Valley" and "10,000 Weight in Gold" along with their new material.
  • <3 THATH

    By JackieJ406
    You guys are my favorite! Keep making awesome music and growing in confidence! While each album is different, love the old and love the new. Come back to Montana, but Missoula this time!
  • Lukewarm

    By Nsjohn130
    Rarely have I loved such a stripped down group as THATH on their first two albums. Pure emotion. Pure music. Then, Josiah left the band for personal reasons, the THATH went ahead with albums anyways. How much has he created? Well, it doesn’t seem like much. Maybe he was the glue of the music. The record is good by industry (abysmal) standards. Well almost over produced. Great mix. But again, it’s pretty trite and what made us love THATH is now gone, for a second album in a row. I don’t blame them or dislike them. I’m sure their songs will get radio, movie, or show play which will help make money and most musicians make chump change off songs, and only make money on tour, sadly. I just wish they stuck to at most Let’s Be Still’s additions of instruments and sounds. Where is the 10k Weight In Gold’s? Where is the Down In The Valley’s? Where is the Honey Come Home’s? They aren’t here.
  • 🤔☹️

    By Bonerme
    Overproduced..... please go back to your roots ....
  • I miss Josiah

    By tiffanyleahb
    I understand a band needing to evolve... but this is just so far removed from their first album. It’s barely THATH anymore.
  • Missing link....

    By Wayners1047
    I've loved this band from the beginning but to be honest it's wholly apparent the missing link on the past two albums is Josiah Johnson. To me, his creativity and contribution made THATH special, unique and separate from any other band in the music industry. Sadly, they just haven't made as much sense to me since he's been gone. They're good but not great :(
  • I love it

    By Naksnx
    Listened to the whole album and I love it

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