Living Righteously: Fasting


  • Release Date: 20 Feb 2016
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In this series, my intent will be to lead you into Spiritual TRUTH: which is YAHUAH, His Laws, Statutes, and Commandments -- the Torah, as well as His TRUE Son Yahusha. My hope is to give you motivation, inspiration, and encouragement on your spiritual journey, and hopefully these videos will be of great resource to you. I will also leave helpful tools, links, and information below to help you continue along your journey into TRUTH.

My goal is to lead you to Torah Way of Living: which is also Righteous Living. May Yahuah Lead you and Guide you on your spiritual journey and walk with Him, and may you continue to find comfort and protection in Him.

Today we will be focusing on Fasting, and the importance of Fasting. Not only can Fasting help cleanse your Temple, improve your health, and help you get back on track physically, but did you know Fasting can be a great tool to help you spiritually? You can also get closer to Yahuah, and really tap into His Word as well!

May this video help you on your spiritual journey, along with Fasting. May this video sow a seed into helping you along your spiritual walk with Yahuah -- that you may be firmer and stronger as you continue searching and seeking TRUTH.

Shalum! :)

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